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St Andrew's Church

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Next event

Thursday 21st November 2019

3pm: Tat3
Cromhall Village Hall

Cromhall Senior Citizens are all welcome for the usual tea, cakes and a chat.

If you are retired and would like to join us, you will be made very welcome.

Contact Ann 01454 294200 or Eva 01454 299251 for more details or if you would like to be picked up for the meeting.

More details >>

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St Andrew's Church, Cromhall

St Andrew's Church is a beautiful, historic building that has served the village over many generations.

It is open in daylight hours for you to visit, and everyone is welcome.

For details of weekly services and to download pew sheets, please visit www.saintandrewscromhall.org.uk

St Andrew's Church, Cromhall

5Alive is the Benefice newsletter for CRoFTT: Cromhall, Falfield, Tortworth, Tytherington, and Rockhampton.

Click here to download the November 2019 edition.

Renewal of Yearly Subscription to St Andrew's Parish Church Cromhall 100 Club

A message from Mandy Bird:

By the time residents of Cromhall and surrounding areas read this, there will have been a public meeting to discuss the future of the church building and, hopefully, come up with fund raising ideas for the substantial sum of money required to ensure that the church is kept watertight and operational for all residents of Cromhall, both present and future. I sincerely hope that this was well attended and that all residents of the parish are now aware that our very beautiful and historic Grade 2 listed church is in need of a lot of TLC and support from everyone who wants it to remain as an important part of our village life, whether they are part of the congregation or not.

St Andrew's Church, Cromhall

The 100 club is a major part of our present fundraising operation with no overheads apart from the prize money we pay out. This means that most of the money paid in goes straight into church funds and is an incredibly easy way for everyone in Cromhall to contribute to the maintenance of the church building and churchyard.

A mere £10 per number (we have never increased the amount since the club started) will ensure entry into 6 draws a year: Christmas, February, Easter, May, August and November and the chance to win £50 at Christmas and Easter and £30, £20 and £10 on the four other draws. We collect the subscriptions mainly in the Village Shop from the beginning of November but you can also post them through my door at Ashleigh, Cowship Lane or contact me on 294186 if you have any queries about the 100 club.

I always struggle to fill all the numbers and last year there were still 7 not taken, even though it works out at about 84p per month. That's only 84p per month for 14 chances to win some cash and support a treasured village landmark: a win-win situation in my opinion!

Click here to download the 2020 renewal form.

Sincere thanks to all our loyal supporters and I look forward very much to welcoming lots of new contributors.

Thank you very much, Mandy Bird.

Cromhall 100 Club

A message from Mandy Bird:

St Andrew's Parish Church in Cromhall is very busy as usual with Sunday services, christenings, weddings and sadly, quite a few funerals.

St Andrew's Church, Cromhall

St. Andrew's Church window, Cromhall.

Needless to say, its really important that we maintain the church building and make sure its a safe, watertight and warm sanctuary for all those who need to use it - not least the children of St Andrew's Primary School who are frequently in the church throughout the academic year.

The 100 Club is a vital income for the on going maintenance of St Andrew's and a very simple way in which you can support our beautiful, historic building, which continues to be a significant village landmark even after centuries of serving our community.

It's really very simple.

Just fill in the application form and hand it into the Cromhall Community Shop with £10 for every number you'd like to purchase. Or, post it through my letterbox at Ashleigh, Cowship Lane, Cromhall.

You will then be entered into six draws: Christmas Eve and Easter, which have one prize of £50 each, and February, May, August and November draws, which each have prizes of £30, £20 and £10. The draws are made at the Community Shop at 11am on the last Friday of those months.

In a nutshell, you will have 14 chances to win some money which is very reasonable for only £10 investment! Most important of all, you will be directly helping to maintain St Andrew's Church and ensuring it will still be serving future generations of villagers. We do have Standing Order forms if that's how you would prefer to contribute in the future and they will also be available in the Village Shop.

To all current 100 club members, thanks so much for your contributions this year and please do remember to renew before the first £50 draw on Christmas Eve.

We look forward to welcoming lots more new members of the 100 club and "Good Luck!" to you all. Your support is very much appreciated.

Mandy Bird (294186) or

Churchyard Policy

Early in 2017, St Andrew's PCC published a revised Churchyard Policy, covering burials, interment of ashes, and maintenance of graves and headstones.

Please click here to read the policy.

CRoFTT Benefice

St Andrew's is part of the CRoFTT Benefice, covering Cromhall, Rockhampton, Falfield, Tortworth and Tytherington.

The Benefice website is: www.croftt.org.uk.

For all Benefice business please ring 01454 260096 and leave a message, or email . The Office is usually open 10am-1pm on Fridays when messages and emails are dealt with.

Regular Events

Embrace Usually held on the second Wednesday of each month. An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life where you are invited to create the space where the life of God in us can be nurtured and brought to fruition; a time for you to embrace some of the basic disciplines of the Christian spiritual life.

Food for Thought On the second Thursday of each month an average of 12-15 people come together for home-made soup and bread. The venue moves around the parishes of the benefice; in the Summer we meet in the churches but as the weather gets less warm, we try to meet in people’s homes if possible. (Offers of a venue are always welcome!) Please ring 01454 417445 before 10am if you are coming.

Benefice Ramblers Meet outside Post Office Cottage to share lifts. Please contact Ann on 01454 294200 or Eva on 01454 299251 for details.

Sparklers Held at St George's, Falfield on the first Friday of each month. Cost £1 to cover refreshments. An opportunity for toddlers and preschoolers to play, sing and informally hear stories about Jesus with their parents, grandparents or carers.

St Andrew's Church, Cromhall

Bell-ringing vacancies

Would you be sad if Cromhall Church Bells no longer rang out on Sunday mornings and for weddings?

Unless new people are willing to learn to ring, this may well happen.

Cromhall ringers practice on Monday evenings between 7.30 and 9pm. If you are interested in learning to ring and would be available on Sunday mornings to ring for most church services, either turn up on a Monday evening or call Peggy Collett on 01454 294545 for more details.

Anyone over the age of 11 until you can no longer climb stairs is able to learn. Rising 11 year olds are not covered by insurance but are able to learn if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Family History

We have had a number of enquiries from folk tracing their family history. We do not hold any records (apart from current ones) in the Benefice.

They are all held at the Gloucester Records Office, who if they are contacted beforehand will assist.

Website: www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/archives

Julian Trust

St Andrew's Church has a box in the church porch for donations to be taken to the Julian Trust, which urgently needs tinned goods (especially meat and sausages), toiletries and toilet rolls and warm men's clothing including socks and gloves.

Several of the church members do a duty there either on an evening to prepare a meal or to supervise the guests overnight and prepare breakfast.

Anyone interested in joining the volunteers rota would be very welcome. Contact Peggy Collett on 294545.

The Reverend William Frank Burlton

Born in 1912, his twin brother George died at birth, Bill had polio as a child and his father was killed in the First World War, leaving his mother as a young widow to bring up Bill and his younger brother, Harold, alone. He recovered well from the polio but it left him with a permanent limp. These early struggles gave him great strength of mind and enormous sympathy with other people.

He worked first as a printer and then studied for the priesthood with the evacuated Kings College, London, during the Second World War, whilst also being a member of the Fire Service in Bristol and Bath. After the war he became a curate at Northleach, then priest-in-charge at Hewelsfield and curate at St Briavels before moving to Cromhall where he spent the next thirty years as the parish priest and assistant chaplain of Leyhill Prison. In addition he also became priest-incharge of Tortworth and Rural Dean.

St Andrew's Church, Cromhall

On retirement he moved with his wife, Marjorie, to Marazion in Cornwall to be near their son Christopher and his family.

While there he took services in almost every church and chapel in the area until he was physically unable to continue.

He sat on committees, on local councils, he was a Scout Commisssioner, a governor of several schools, a church bellringer and chaplain to the local ringers guild and always, always, always, in whatever capacity, he was at the service of his fellow human beings. It did not matter to Bill whether the person he was dealing with was a roadmender, an obstreperous toddler, a juvenile delinquent, a housewife, a murderer, a duchess, a farmer, a good Christian or the village drunk – if they were a person he loved them even if he deplored what they had done, but he did not judge, simply tried to love them enough to lead them into the right path.

He was never narrow in his Christianity, taking services from behind the bar of the village pub when they wanted to celebrate harvest there and from a roundabout when a Steam Fair was held in the Rectory field. When pop music began attracting the attention of the young he did not condemn but invited them into church to play and sing during the service.

Indeed it was he who hosted the service at Tortworth at which Roy Hudd and the George Mitchell Minstrels performed.

His sermons were legendary for the singularity of both content and delivery; while the meaty Christian message was always there it was served up in a palatable and enjoyable manner. Who else, wishing to impress the virtues of perseverance on a congregation of Boy Scouts in Gloucester cathedral, would have taken “Incey Wincey Spider” as the text of the sermon?

In all this he was ably seconded by Marjorie, his wife for 63 years, who brought to their partnership the necessary practical qualities while sharing his faith and his service to anyone who needed it.

He is survived by Marjorie, his children Mary and Christopher, daughter-in-law Gill and grandchildren Naomi, Robert and Thomas.

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Thursday 21st November 2019

Friday 29th November 2019

Saturday 30th November 2019

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